Exciting New Scratch-Off Games Arrive in Stores Tomorrow! Lottery Makes Second Transfer to the State

JACKSON, MISS. –The Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) announced today four new scratch-off games will be available at all retailer locations starting March 3.

“Feedback from players has been very positive regarding the games offered so far,” said MLC President Tom Shaheen. “As part of this feedback, players have been asking for a Blackjack-style game, which happens to be one of the games being introduced tomorrow.”

Blackjack is a $2 game offering a playstyle uniquely different from any other games currently on sale.

The new games include:

$1—1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi 3 Mississippi: Approximate overall odds are: 1:4.96. Win up to $2,500! (12–$2,500 prizes)

$2—Blackjack: Approximate overall odds are: 1:4.83. Win up to $21,000! (6–$21,000 prizes)

$2—Solid Gold: Approximate overall odds are: 1:4.80. Win up to $15,000! (8–$15,000 prizes)

$5—Mississippi Limited: Approximate overall odds are: 1:3.82. Win up to $100,000!

(5–$100,000 prizes)

Second Transfer to Mississippi

In accordance with the Alyce G. Clarke Lottery Law, the Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) made its January (second) transfer of $8,385,671.27 in net proceeds to the Lottery Proceeds Fund in the Mississippi State Treasury on February 20, 2020. So far, the December and January transfers bring a total of more than $16 million deposited to the state.

The MLC is required to transfer net proceeds within 20 days following the close of each calendar month. Totals from December and January

“Retailer and player support continue to be driving forces to the success of the lottery,” said Shaheen.

  The Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) was created in 2018 by the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Law, Senate Bill 2001. The MLC is a legislatively created corporation. Visit us online at www.mslotteryhome.com.