MS Holmesville Grocery 98—McComb, MS

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to MS Holmesville Grocery 98, of course! 

With mostly rural scenery on either side of Highway 98, we pulled into the quaint MS Holmesville Grocery 98 in McComb at the same time a chicken was crossing the road. The store sits just off of the main highway, making it a very convenient place for busy travelers to refresh, refuel and buy lottery tickets. 

The owner, Baljinder Kaur, said they have been a lottery retailer since launch day. They wanted to become a lottery retailer because, “It’s a big change in Mississippi, and we decided to be a part
of it!” 

MS Holmesville Grocery 98 is the home to a $100,000 winner on a Mississippi Blues scratch-off game. Since the news of the big winning ticket broke, the store became a very popular place for local lottery players to buy their tickets. 

“Ever since the big win, we have had new faces come in,” said Baljinder. “It’s been great!” 

Baljinder offered some tips for lottery players.

“We love seeing new faces at our store,” he said. “Keep up the fun and excitement to win big prizes. You have to play in order to win; but, play responsibly.”

Thank you, Baljinder, for being a Mississippi Lottery retailer! Together, we are helping Mississippi’s roads, bridges and infrastructure, while offering fun entertainment to our players.