How to Claim Your Prize/ Winnings

  • In accordance with the Mississippi Lottery Corporation prize payment policy, all instant game prizes must be claimed within 90 calendar days of the announced end of the game. Postmarks shall not constitute satisfaction of the 90-day requirement, and the risk of mailing tickets remains with the player.
  • Only original tickets will be accepted to claim any prize.
  • Prizes under $600 may be claimed at any Mississippi Lottery Corporation retailer.  Prizes between $600 and $99,999 must be claimed at the Mississippi Lottery Headquarters or by mail. A Mississippi Lottery Winner Claim form, proper identification (ID) and the original ticket must be provided for all claims of $600 or more. Proper forms of ID must verify name, signature, photo, age and Social Security number. If mailing, send required documentation to the Mississippi Lottery Corporation, P.O. Box 321462, Flowood, MS, 39232. The Mississippi Lottery is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.
  • Prizes of $100,000 or more must be claimed at the Mississippi Lottery Headquarters located at 1080 River Oaks Drive, Bldg. B-100, Flowood, MS, 39232.
  • The number of prizes is established at the time of printing and will change as prizes are won.
  • All tickets, transactions and players purchasing tickets are subject to the Lottery Act, Mississippi Lottery rules, and regulations and applicable laws. Tickets are void if they fail to meet requirements of the game rules or are irregular in any manner. Liability for a void ticket is limited to replacement of the ticket or refund of retail sales price.  For more information call 1-855-946-4667 or go to
  • Winning prizes greater than $600 are subject to state and federal taxes. In addition, withholdings may occur for winners who have delinquent debt and/or have outstanding child support arrearages.

To MAIL IN your prize claim:
Mississippi Lottery Corporation
P.O. Box 321462
Flowood, MS 39232

To PICK UP your prize/winnings in person:
Mississippi Lottery Corporation
1080 River Oaks Drive
Bldg. B-100
Flowood, MS 39232
(Get Directions)